Thursday, December 10, 2015

Latest Media & Arts: Aging in Prison; Metaphor, Diversity, and Poetry

The Integrated Arts & Media presentations from CSWE's 61st Annual Program Meeting have been posted. These presentations include a lesson plan composed of at least one EPAS competency, one liberal arts area, and one audio/video element.

Integrating Media and Arts in Social Work Education:
The Example of Aging in Prison

Anne D. Katz (University of Southern California) and Joanne Altschuler (California State University, Los Angeles)

Inmates aged 55 and older are the fastest growing age group in U.S. prisons and generally have a lower level of physical and mental health compared to their community counterparts. This presentation integrates media and arts in social work education as well as addresses incarcerated older adults, ageism, and gender issues.

Standpoint and Metaphor:
Exploring Gender and Cultural Diversity Through Poetry

Michelle Emery Blake (Austin Peay State University)

This session, incorporated into the course Social Work and the Arts, was designed to employ both existing and participant-written poetry to facilitate discussion about gender and cultural diversity. The current format adds the component of visual metaphor (art).