Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Time's running out: CSWE 2015 Virtual Film Festival.

View and rate the nine student films in CSWE's 2015 Virtual Film Festival before the festival closes on September 14. The winning film (determined by audience rankings) will receive a $500 prize.
  • Listen to Elizabeth Foxwell, CSWE's film festival coordinator, explain the purpose of the Virtual Film Festival. 
  • Listen to Alexandrina André talk about her film The Colors of Stetson.
  • See Glee L. Dunbar, Ali M. Kiser, Ashley N. Tucker, and Miriam M. Hill, the filmmakers of Misunderstood: The Voice Behind the Cardboard, talk about their film (below).
  • See Hannah Merritt and Flannery Wasson talk about their film Stage Presence (below), or read the blog post.
  • Read Diana Guerrero's blog post on her film Life After Iraq and Amy Kasparian's blog post on the short films that compose Women in the Law.

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