Thursday, May 14, 2015

Behind the Screen: Forgiven.

Filmmaker John Lyden
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During May's National Military Appreciation Month, filmmaker John Lyden (College of St. Rose) explains below the background to his film Forgiven.

Forgiven was made for a school assignment. Students had to choose something they were particularly passionate about and convey that through some artistic medium, whether it be music, prose, poetry, or film.  I have always been fascinated with grief and how people hide from their pasts. The struggle faced by soldiers in adapting to everyday life after coming home from war is an arduous and confusing journey.  

I wanted to channel my fascination with that subject into a short, silent film. I picked some very talented local actors whom I knew could perform their roles without speaking any lines. I often feel dialogue can take people out of a story; the most powerful moments in film and in life are the unspoken ones.  

This film serves as a portrait of what we have been seeing in this country for the last few years with soldiers returning home. War is probably the most devastating phenomenon on this earth. I hope Forgiven is seen as a tool for what we can learn about the psychological effects war has on individuals.

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  1. Wow, John, this tantalizing clip makes me want to see more. BOTH your young man and the young boy are clearly CONNECTED..... I know Vets would appreciate your exploration of grief after combat. We certainly aren't looking at this enough as as an American culture...... BRAVO!