Wednesday, April 15, 2015

See the films in CSWE's 2015 Virtual Film Festival.

Scene from Diana Guerrero's Life After Iraq
(part of the CSWE 2015 Virtual Film Festival)
View, rank, and discuss the nine films selected for the CSWE 2015 Virtual Film Festival. The festival’s student-produced films focus on areas such as Alaska Natives, gender identity, homelessness, interfaith outreach, race/diversity, schizophrenia, and veteran readjustment. The winner of the Virtual Ovation Award—the top-ranked film of the festival, as determined by the audience—will receive a $500 prize.

How to Participate
  1. Sign into or register for Google+
  2. Go to "Communities"
  3. Search for "CSWE Film Festivals" and click on the Film Festival logo
  4. Click on "Ask to Join"
Once you are a community member, you will be able to see the films and complete the short rating forms online. The festival is expected to run until September 14.

Questions? E-mail Film Festival Coordinator.

Below: Trailer for Stage Presence, a film in the CSWE 2015 Virtual Film Festival.

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