Thursday, September 5, 2013

Last chance to vote: CSWE 2013 Virtual Film Festival.

The CSWE 2013 Virtual Film Festival closes tomorrow, so this is the last chance to vote on the nine films selected. The festival’s student-produced films focus on areas such as cross-cultural adoption, disability, LGBT issues, refugees, sexual abuse, and suicide. The winner of the Virtual Ovation Award—the top-ranked film of the festival, as determined by the audience—will receive a $500 prize.

How to Participate
  1. Sign into or register for Google+
  2. Go to "Communities"
  3. Search for "CSWE Film Festivals" and click on the Film Festival logo
  4. Click on "Ask to Join"
Once you are a member of the community, you will be able to view the films and complete the rating sheets online.

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