Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Behind the Screen: Pieces of the Soul.

Note: Moving Pictures is featuring the filmmakers from the CSWE 2013 Virtual Film Festival sharing the stories behind the making of their films. Here's how you can see the films and vote for the Virtual Ovation Award. The award consists of a $500 prize and will be presented to the top-ranked film in the Virtual Film Festival, as determined by the audience. 

Filmmaker Spencer Sullivan discusses below the background to Pieces of the Soul, his film on Utah artist Matt Clark. 

Filmmaker Spencer Sullivan
I was introduced to Matt Clark, the subject of my film, because I was dating his niece. The first time I met him, I felt like he was an old friend. His house had many unique sculptures inside and outside. I was intrigued how a man in a wheelchair, who had limited use of his hands, was able to create such beautiful masterpieces out of metal, some quite large. A few weeks later, I approached Matt and asked if I could make a film of his life story. He consented.

The film, which took 2 years to make, was my senior capstone project while I was pursuing my degree of digital motion picture production at Dixie State University.

One of the most memorable moments during the film came nearly a year and a half into the project. Matt was comfortable with me being around and constantly having a camera on him. One day, he discussed the many frustrations of his life and how differently people treated him for being in a wheelchair. It became a major piece of the film when he was able to convey his true feelings and frustrations and show how he had to learn through time to define himself. He created his own meaning of life through his experiences.

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